Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Start Windows XP installation from USB flash drive.

Create a BartPE CD using your Windows XP installation CD
Use Pe2USB to make a USB bootable with your BartPE files
Copy the whole content of your Windows XP CD to your USB flash drive
e.g. f:\xpcd

Start your computer with the USB flash drive.
Start command prompt, navigate to your i386 folder at your USB flash drive
and type this command:
winnt32.exe /syspart:C: /tempdrive:C: /makelocalsource

Your Windows installation should start with no problem.

If your computer board using non-native SATA chipset, you might want to use NLite to intergrate the SATA driver in your BartPE installation.

Textmode driver needed during installation, while Regular-PNP driver usually needed for Windows. For BartPE to recognized your hard drive during execution you will need to use the Regular-PNP. You could run the NLite multiple times to insert the Textmode and Regular-PNP mode.

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